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Minecraft Server List

Rank Name Server Players Status
OrtusMC OrtusMC


Welcome to OrtusMC! We are a brand new Earth Map—Lifesteal server! Create an empire on the earth map, and steal other players' hearts!

0/20 online
Xiled Kingdom Xiled Kingdom


An adventure is on its way!!... Take a sneak-peak at what we've been working on behind the scenes to create such stunning gameplay you'll enjoy!

0/100 online
StellaCraft StellaCraft


We have a dedicated OP Prison server currently set up to give a fresh start to StellaCraft.

0/69 offline
TreasureMC TreasureMC


Come join a Brand NEW Experience of Prison! https://discord.gg/TreasureMC

0/100 online
Trikophalia Trikophalia


Trikophalia is a SMP Project which runs natively on 1.19.2!

0/50 offline
StarWorksMC StarWorksMC


1.8-1.19! We are a community driven server that thrives on your excitement for the game. We currently have 4 servers to choose from!

40/1000 online
WildLandMC WildLandMC


0/2022 offline
AtlasCraft AtlasCraft


its a really good server youshould join

0/200 online
IllusiveMC Survival IllusiveMC Survival


IllusiveMC is a Non-Vanilla Minecraft SMP Server. Our Server has features like mcMMO, Voting Crates, VeinMiner, RTP, Silk-Touchable Spawners, Clans, Player Shops, Land Claims, Supply Drops and so much more!

12/75 online
Advancius Network 🌟FREE RANKS🌟 Advancius Network 🌟FREE RANKS🌟


🌟🌟 JOIN FOR A FREE RANK 🌟🌟Tired of pay-to-win servers? Check out our 100+ FREE ranks on our 20+ gamemodes including: Factions, Prison, Skyblock, Survival, Creative Plots, Parkour, KitPvP, Dropper, 1v1s, UHC, and many custom Minigames! ⚔️ COMMUNITY EVENTS EVERY WEEKEND ❤️

177/300 online
Betachy Betachy


A classic 1.5.2 anarchy server filled with ruins and nostalgia

1/420 online
ZymoNetwork | Always Free | Java 1.19.x ZymoNetwork | Always Free | Java 1.19.x


The Zymo Network is a Minecraft Earth Server that is built upon the premise of which the Players don't have to spend a dime of their money on the Server, meaning that everything is completely free!

0/200 offline
Elite Factions Elite Factions


Join our Discord for Awesome Rewards!!

0/0 online
OceanicMC OceanicMC


Join our discord for more information-! https://discord.gg/OceanicMC

0/80 offline
TheHangOutMC TheHangOutMC


THMC (TheHangOutMC) is a custom 1.19 survival server for you and your friends!

0/1 offline
424Friends 424Friends


The official 424Friends cross-platform (java or bedrock) Minecraft server! UK and Western Europe Gaming Community. https://www.discord.424friends.net/

2/424 online
Herobrine Network Herobrine Network


980/981 online
Ice Cube Skyblock Ice Cube Skyblock


Are you looking for a skyblock server?

1/100 online
The Gaming Group The Gaming Group


Brand New skyblock server

0/100 online
r/place r/place


Play on a Minecraft canvas!

19/100 online
TwilightSMP TwilightSMP

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0/100 offline
Abyss Abyss


We are a survival server with many plugins to explore and have fun with! We have; - ★ Custom Textures ★ Rankups ★ Skills ★ Jobs ★ Custom Enchantments ★ Marriage ★ PyroFishing ★ Quests ★ Dungeons ★ & More! ★

13/100 online
DrugRun DrugRun


Drugs, Factions and more! Come stop by and raid some noobs!

12/420 online
Jartex Network Jartex Network


1875/5000 online
PineappleSMP PineappleSMP


0/2022 online